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POWIEŚĆ arrow Digging to America


Dodatkowe informacje:
Autor: Anne Tyler
Stron: 278
Format: 17x24 cm
ISBN: 0-307-26394-0
EAN: 9780307263940
Rok wydania: 2006
Wydawnictwo: KNOPF
Oprawa: oprawa twarda
Gatunek: POWIEŚĆ

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Digging to America

Anne Tyler

The finest novelists of psychologically acute domesticity purposefully linger over the preparation of meals and the furnishing of rooms, and often turn special occasions into crucibles for conflicts and epiphanies. A master at these time-honored techniques, Tyler extends her reach in her seventeenth novel and creates two very different households that serve as microcosms for twenty-first-century American society. The two families converge at the Baltimore airport, each nervously anticipating the arrival of an adopted Korean baby girl. Bitsy and Brad Donaldson appear to be stereotypical white middle-class Americans.