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Dodatkowe informacje:
Autor: Piotr Błaszczyk, Barbara Pieronkiewicz
Stron: 406
Format: 17.5x23.5 cm
ISBN: 978-83-242-3196-6
EAN: 9788324231966
Rok wydania: 2018
Wydawnictwo: UNIVERSITAS
Oprawa: oprawa broszurowa

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Mathematical Transgressions 2015

Piotr Błaszczyk, Barbara Pieronkiewicz

We should agree that mathematics is no longer the Queen of the Sciences, while it is still believed to be the basis of modern education, its role needs to be re-defined. It is necessary to address this challenge. The first step in this direction consists of the adoption of a new perspective. The Latin word transgressio means an act that goes beyond generally accepted boundaries. This monograph draws together papers written by mathematicians, educators, pedagogues, psychologists, and philosophers. Their aim is to identify a new role of mathematics and mathematics education in the modern world.