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Dodatkowe informacje:
Autor: Sebastian Barry
Stron: 312
Format: 12.5x19.5 cm
ISBN: 978-0-571-21529-4
EAN: 9780571215294
Rok wydania: 2009
Wydawnictwo: FABER AND FABER
Oprawa: oprawa broszurowa

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The Secret Scripture

Sebastian Barry

Nearing her one-hundredth birthday, Roseanne McNulty faces an uncertain future, as the Roscommon Regional Mental hospital where she`s spent most of her adult life prepares for closure. Over the weeks leading up to this upheaval, she talks with her psychiatrist Dr Grene, and their relationship intensifies. Told through their respective journals, the story that emerges is at once shocking and deeply beautiful. Refracted through the haze of memory, Roseanne`s story becomes an alternative history of Ireland`s changing character and the story of a life blighted by terrible mistreatment and ignorance, and yet marked still by love and hope.